Eat Your Brain

Why what you eat effects how you think and feel !

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Find out what you can do to help yourself, friends or loved ones, build their resilience to stress and lead happy, healthy and productive lives.

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Some great feedback from someone high up in the mental health world over here in Australia.

"I’ve listened to the CD three times so far – it’s disarmingly honest, very gutsy, an undercurrent of humor with hugely valuable information – delivered warmly... I’m sure there are millions who can relate...Congratulations on this accomplishment."

"A 'must hear' inspirational story of a successful navigation of depression, panic and anxiety, including essential points on the importance of nutrition in achieving optimal brain health."
"I thought your CD was great and very inspirational. I especially liked the way you explained the complicated science in ways that were easy to understand – like why the fruit and veges don’t have all the nutrients in them.

It really hits home when you hear someone saying it to you rather than reading it somewhere where you’re not sure whether to trust the source or not.

It’s a really good summary of the science aimed at everyday people not nutritionists and it has a good mix of personal story in it to balance it out. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to improve their state of mind…"

Nick Coriat: Eat Your Brain
I believe that as a species we experience too much pain!

I believe that some of us are more predisposed than others to experience intense stress, but that given the current global climate - economically & environmentally - we are all suffering
greater levels of un-ease, dis-ease and anxiousness.

I believe that our current food choices and intake are grossly
nutritionally deficient and energy intense, and this is placing us in a situation where we are experiencing greater and greater levels of illness, disease, chronic emotional pain and intense confusion.

I believe that what we put in our mouth provides the basis for what our body has to build itself. Our body is incredibly powerful but it requires certain essential nutrients, some of which can only be supplied by us by way of what we put in our mouth - if these essentials are missing or deficient we pay accordingly.

I believe that there exists a huge potential to help ourselves and each other to get better if we choose to stop for a minute, remember and act with awareness.

I believe we owe it to ourselves and others, to learn and remember, how to nourish ourselves and each other properly, so we can experience greater health, happiness, better relationships and greater mutual prosperity.

I believe that once we seize this opportunity to help ourselves and each other, much of the suffering which is currently reaching epidemic proportions, will be alleviated.

I believe we that have suffered enough ... Do you ?

"Thanks so much, the CD was very inspiring. Eating better is something I have been trying to do recently but without much success, this has definately given me the boost I need."

"Very inspiring - really enjoyed it! Very interesting and moving - bravo!"

"I'm sure many will benefit from your insights and research."