About Nick

Six years ago Nick was staring down the barrel of a second retrenchment & developing symptoms of severe depression, anxiety & panic. He had also put on about 30 Kgs and had IBS.

Through the continuous application of a series of principles, Nick managed to lose the weight and completely beat the depression.

Nick has now devoted his time and energy to sharing his knowledge & experience through Protect Your Joy & Don't Quit on .Me, in the form of One on One sessions, Workshops and Talks, aimed at helping individuals and businesses.

‘What excites me the most, is that through sharing this information with people under a lot of stress, they become equipped to make different choices, that in turn help to stop or slowdown the progression of emotionally based illnesses.’

‘Through knowing what action to take, people can radically alter their experience of life. This in turn has a flow on effect to; people’s relationships, their ability to earn and people’s sense of self esteem. As a great friend of mine often says “You may be broke, but you are not broken!” .’