I know for a fact it has been a trying year or two for many of us and I also know that when times are hard for prolonged periods you begin to doubt yourself - so it is in this vein that I offer you the following Pink lyrics :

Oh, pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel
Like you're less than f*ckin' perfect
Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing
You're f*ckin' perfect to me

We are already enough and yes we can always be more - Happy Festive Season!
N :)

Who Dares for Success?

Reading 'Who Dares for Success' by Simon Treselyan at the moment - what an outstanding book! One of the books where you read it and say to yourself 'that's right, that makes perfect sense ... why aren't I doing that?'

Recommend it to anyone who is in pursuit of any goal - N :)


CD’s Positive Spin on Depression Fight

Northern Times - Miranda Forster 23rd July 2010


Nick Coriat has released a spoken-word CD entitled Eat Your Brain. SPOKEN word CD Eat Your Brain is the culmination of 18 months’ research and a lifetime of experience, according to its author and former depression sufferer Nick Coriat of North Lakes.

The CD, released this week, combines Mr Coriat’s story and the latest research

On how nutrition can help overcome depression, panic and anxiety. The business analyst turned massage therapist said his own recovery from severe depression inspired him to want to help others who were suffering. ‘‘You feel like you’re broken and nothing’s going to help,’’ he said.

‘‘To have gone through and come out the other side, I wanted to help other people understand there are things they can do no matter how bad things get.’’

Mr Coriat tracked down three US experts on nutrition and the brain, and incorporated the information along with his own story, on the 45-minute CD.

‘‘It’s not just an academic standpoint, it’s not just me saying ‘I think this might

work’,’’ he said. ‘‘I’ve gone through it and it has worked and I’ve gone back to research it. ‘It’s about simplicity. It’s not learning Russian, it’s a few basic things that apply the principles.’’

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